After receiving a number of letters, I decided that the place needed brightening up. So, I commissioned an artist from your world to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to my world to paint the characters from my tales. I allowed her the use of my fastest and steadiest donkey to get her around the world in the fastest possible manner and even provided her a handy reinforced arrow-proof guide to surviving the daily perils of my world.

Like me, she also has her own tavern online, which I heartily encourage you to visit should you get a minute. On the walls she displays a number of pieces of her artwork, showing that she is obviously a very talented artist. That being said, she has asked me to remind anyone thinking of stealing her work while she is absent that she has a collection of very sharp paintbrushes and she is not afraid to use them.

Before she left, she requested that I told her story so that she may be remembered as the most heroic artist throughout your world. I present to you, dear reader, my artist, Barbysand.



Barbysand is an accomplished digital and traditional illustrator who has been working for the entertainment industry in the UK after majoring in Fine Art.

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