Dear Reader,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Far Far Away and I have taken it upon myself to narrate the comings and goings of the inhabitants of the Kingdoms of my world. I must admit, I find their curious little lives very interesting indeed.

It all started a few years past, when I was drinking in the tavern. I overheard a couple of well-dressed gentlemen discussing the events of a circular world of many Kingdoms. They discussed how they travelled across the world in a mere matter of hours (flying, by all methods!) and they also suggested that once you reach the end you appear back at the start. They even claimed they didn't use magic.

Of course, this is a complete fantasy. There are no such things as flying carriages, and even if they were they'd only get caught up in the omnipresent sky battle between witches and dragons. Besides, it has already been scientifically proven that with any automated transport, horses would just sit around twiddling their hooves.

So, rather than invent some fiction-based entertainment, I decided that our land has more than enough entertaining stories to tell. I wrote to each and every creature of our world asking them to write to me with their daily stories. This letter is attached below.

I was overwhelmed with the response. Naturally, some of it was simply mundane and I'm sure that you, dear reader, have no interest in Sneezy plugging his favourite brand of tissues (Koldex) or which hat the wolf likes to wear on Sundays (a fez).

After months of hard labour, I have almost finished compiling the letters into chronological order and these stories are ready for your eyes. I will be releasing one letter every Monday and Friday and forming several smaller stories in order to help you keep up.

I heartily encourage you to subscribe and share this compendium which I have tentatively titled, "Tales from Far Far Away".


Far Far Away.

Dear Inhabitant,

I hope this letter finds you well.

My name is Far Far Away, and I have taken it upon myself to become chronicler for this land. I have no qualifications save for a need to be nosy, but I hope you share your life with me regardless.

I am compiling a biography of the land and I humbly request that you write to me on a regular basis with certain events that happen in your daily life.

I enclose a number of pre-stamped envelopes, along with parchment and a freshly-picked quill from my freshly-bald goose. You may also notice I have included a dictionary and a copy of the children's book, The Reasonably Peckish Millipede, so that if you are unable to read or write, you can bloody well teach yourself.

I look forward to your replies.


Far Far Away