Tavern Tour


As I learn more and more about your world the more curious I find it. You have a wonderful array of wildlife and landscapes and ultimately it all adds up to some truly unique and imaginable storytelling.

As a result, I've decided to pay a visit to a number of your taverns. While I'm there I have a chance to meet the locals and, more importantly, sample the local tipples! I leave the patrons a letter to show my gratitude for their landlord's gracious hospitality. I will also be doing unique character introductions at certain taverns.

Below is a list of those taverns that have already played host to me and for them I am entirely grateful. If you are a virtual tavern owner would like to invite me around, please leave me a virtual message below and I will happily drop by at the earliest available opportunity.


Far Far Away.

TavernDate VisitedContent
Tossing It Out28 May 2014Introduction
The Review List28 May 2014Introduction
This Crazy Writing Life30 May 2014Introduction
The Five Year Project16 June 2014Huntsman Bio


Jan Morrison said...

I'm always up for inviting one of the special breed of story tellers to my quiet little tavern. What do you need as a libation? I like to keep a fair representation of good ale, ginger wine and, most naturally, scotch. I have a couple of taverns but I do think the one you'd like is www.labanan.blogspot.com

Susan Scott said...

Hello Far Far, I have a tavern in Johannesburg South Africa. Am up for concoctions thank you.
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