If you have come here from another tavern, please let me take this opportunity to welcome you into my world. My name is Far Far Away and I am the narrator of this ongoing story.

Starting on 2 June, I will be releasing a series of letters: one every Monday, and one every Friday. These letters are from the inhabitants of my world, revealing the most intricate details of their lives. The lack of attention to the security of their own privacy astounds me, but it sure makes for good reading regardless.

These letters form a loose narrative and, when grouped together, make short stories. I recently announced the names of the first two tales, and you can read about them, and all future tale announcements, in the room cunningly entitled The Tales.

To warm up your appetite, please feel free to read the first letter I sent to the inhabitants in the room called Let Me Introduce Myself... . Here you will also be able to read what drove me to want to make these tales.

Once again thank you for dropping by. Please don't forget to take out a digital subscription, or add yourself to the Squires list. This will be my final announcement before the tales begin on 2 June and I hope you will join me again then to enjoy the Tales from Far Far Away.


Far Far Away.

PS If you have not come from another tavern, then please visit those involved in the tavern tour. They are all gracious landlords and landladies!


Rob Z Tobor said...

I wish you the very best of luck with the blog. I hope it goes well. The world is as large as our imagination.

Susan Kane said...

I am so looking forward to checking in on your site. Haven't been in a true tavern since who-knows-when.

Far Far Away said...

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your kind words.

Your world just gets more interested by the day. My world is always limited by the parchment the map is drawn on.


Far Far Away

Far Far Away said...

Dear Susan,

I heartily encourage you to visit taverns more often! So many landlords and landladies have so many interesting things to say.


Far Far Away.