The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 1

Dear Far Far Away,

I couldn't do it. I've let my Queen down, but worst of all I've let my country down. I was sent on a simple errand to kill the most beautiful girl in the world, but all I could do was set her free. Snow and I go way back but she was just the same in school as she is today. Along with her group of aesthetically pleasing friends, she would tease everyone that was ugly or had the slightest blemish.

Her Step-mum, the Queen, was the only one that would listen to me. She understood my pathological love of knives and swords and she even said my own wise mother - God rest her soul - had foreseen this and given me the name Huntsman. The Queen's kindness extended to pardoning me after I killed the King, who was a murdering tyrant, or so she said.

But now I've let her down. I'm not sure I did the right thing by bringing her back a pig's heart instead of Snow's, but she hasn't noticed anything yet. I might go and lay low for a while, though, just in case.



For a swordsman with a dangerous pathological love, Huntsman sure is a wimp.


Jan Morrison said...

Ah, poor Huntsman! He seems to be easily duped and I must say Snow sounds far too much like some girls I went to school with - who shall we trust in this tale?
Bravo Far!
You are off to a splendid start. There is another naked bear on my sojourner site - do come by.

Rob Z Tobor said...

It is sadly very late here and I have had a very long day but will be back to read all tomorrow.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I must admit I would be a little worried by a friend with a pathological love of knives and swords, even if we got on really well. I bet the King was one of the nice Kings, but who can tell fairy tales are more complex that folk realize . . .

Keep up the good work.

Far Far Away said...

Dear Rob,

I have an employee at my tavern with a pathological love of knives. I've just re-assigned him from pillow plumping to head chef.


Far Far Away.

Tina said...

I'm fascinated by what you're doing the look of your blog and am very intrigued.
Thanks for visiting at Life is Good. It's nice to meet you!
Tina @ Life is Good
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