The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 9

Dear Far Far Away,

I finally cracked. The Queen has been over a few times in the past few days to check how watertight my story was. To be honest, she's been so kind throughout my life I just couldn't face lying to her any longer.

Now, I write this message from prison which is probably best. I did a bad thing, and now I must be punished for it. I totally understand the Queen's point of view on this. She never shouted or screamed at me, but the thing that pained me most was the look of disappointment across her face.

Outside the window there's been a fair bit of commotion. I regularly see trucks carrying apples entering the courtyard below, often leaving with rotten stock shortly afterwards. There is an almost constant stream of smoke billowing up the side of the tower, which begs me to wonder if the cook has lost his culinary skills overnight. The food since I entered prison has been awful, so I'm thinking there could be substance to my theory.




Rob Z Tobor said...

One thing I have learn with time is choose your Queen wisely.

Far Far Away said...

Dear Rob,

The same could be said of step-mothers, although sadly it's rarely optional.


Far Far Away

Rob Z Tobor said...

And Apples