Candleroller: Part 4

Dear Far Far Away,

My (idiot) son has just sent me a copy of the letter he plans on sending out to all of the eligible ladies in the Kingdom (attached).

Honestly, I despair. At least his stupid horse has gone now so he can't embarrass the poor equine any more by dressing it up in glitter and dying its mane pink. No wonder it turned to drink.



Here's Prince's letter...
Dear Women,

Cleaner Wanted. Must be female to appease overbearing father. Hours flexible, pay negligible. Sleeping quarters provided for the little amount of rest you should expect to have.

Please apply by coming to my amazing sparkly roller disco. You must arrive in a humorous vegetable-shaped carriage wearing an amazing pink dress and amazing glass slippers. It's not my birthday or anything, but feel free to bring me an amazing present.



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