Candleroller: Part 5

Dear Far Far Away,

Mum came over today. We had a busy morning watching trashy people from the balcony, laughing at their misfortune when an inter-species test revealed that their husband wasn't the father of their child. Those people make me sick to the back (black) teeth.

Still, despite my dislike for people in general, I could watch them all day. If someone were to invent a box where I could watch it from the comfort of my rented armchair that would be fantastic. After a good couple of hours of people-watching though, Mum got to the point.

She delivered a heart-wrenching speech about how me and Drizella had let her down because she'd have loved to have been a grandmother by aged 30, and now that she was 31 all of her dreams have been shattered. She did have a point, but I told her I had my own dreams and didn't plan on popping out sprogs until I was 18.

I do plan on becoming a respectable lady, don'tcha know.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

I feel I may have stumbled across the problems page of the Fairy Tale News.