The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 2

Dear Far Far Away,

I had a lovely meal tonight. That sap, Huntsman, brought me Snow's heart so I gave it to the cook and asked him to do his best. He roast it, along with some potatoes and then he dribbled some apple sauce over the top. It was delicious! I never thought that she would taste like pork. At least I can absorb her beauty now, anyway.

Tomorrow I might go and double check with the mirror to see who is the best looking person in the country. Actually, while I'm on that note, I feel I need to get something down in writing to the manufacturer. Considering all the technology that went into making my mirror have a face that can talk back in completely human tones, why is the voice recognition so backwards? Apparently 'pretty' isn't recognised, and neither is 'beautiful' or 'fit'. I mean, who even says 'fairest' any more?

Never mind. I suppose at least its a phrase I'll remember into my old age. Ha! Who am I kidding? I'm not getting old.



It was after reading this letter that I realised we have a severe lack of psychological therapists in our land.

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Jan Morrison said...

I'm a psychotherapist but I don't usually work with narcissists as they are pretty tough to turn around! The Huntsman on the other hand! Does he have access to skype?