The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 12

Dear Far Far Away,

Finally, I've done it! I've laced an apple with some poison that'll send that pretty girl to sleep for thousands of years! I would kill her, but I do have morals, you know. The only way she'll wake up is from the kiss of a handsome prince, but there are none in the Kingdom, and even if there were, I'm sure that would be incestuous or something.

My closest aide asked me why I thought an apple was a good idea, questioning if she'd actually seen Snow eat apples in the past. I had to tell her that if I dressed up as a little old lady then it would make Mummy's advice correct. Never trust an old lady selling dodgy apples. Ha! Snow never listened to me anyway.

My only dilemma is trying to find her. I've had scouts out over the past few days but nothing. Heaven forbid I have to release that good-for-nothing Huntsman. Then again, maybe his infatuation can help me...



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Rob Z Tobor said...

I dont think people appreciate the life of a queen and all the problems that this position of authority brings with it.