The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 15

Dear Far Far Away,

After eleven days of dropping hints to Snow about my affections for her I figured it was time to admit my love for her. I spent the day at work pondering over how I was to seduce her and, as a result, I had it all planned out in my head.

I would go home via Happy's garden and pick some of his finest flowers (he'd understand). Then, I'd then pick the petals off each flower and delicately place them throughout the house, leading from Snow's bedroom to a candlelit dinner where I'd be sat after cooking up a delicious and nutritious meal for two (none of this vegetable rubbish). After the meal she'd lean across the table (because I'm too short) and kiss me on the lips. I'd then profess my love for her, and we'd get married in an inter-species ceremony surrounded by our six friends.

My plan started to unravel when I got home to find Snow cooking up some vegetable-based dish. I ditched the flowers outside the door and found Snow in the kitchen slaving away over the cooker. I went up behind her to hug her around the waist, but before I could Sneezy walked in and complained about someone ditching a whole load of pollen-ridden flowers outside the door, before emptying the contents of his nose all over the floor.

Snow spun around, tripping over my hug in the process. As she fell, I caught her and quickly went in to seal the catch with a kiss. The pan that she had been carrying landed on my foot, causing me to drop Snow while I cursed at my lack of suitable footwear.

She was pretty upset by the whole ordeal, but hopefully she can find it in her heart to forgive me. If not, I'm afraid I'd be heartbroken.



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