The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 16

Dear Far Far Away,

My life is so difficult. I woke up this morning and my butler wasn't at the foot of my bed ready for my beck and call. Instead, he was by the door so I had to wait for him to walk all the way over to the foot of my bed before I could ask him to fetch my gown and then all the way back to get it off the back of the door. He's so inconsiderate!

Anyway, Daddy decided that I ought to find myself a bride. Apparently it's not right for a man to be seen frolicking with other men and whipping each other with towels after a tiresome swim. Especially not when that man is a prince. Honestly! I thought as royalty I could have a free choice over such matters.

I keep telling Daddy that if he wants me to find a woman he's going to have to throw me a ball (I have a colour scheme and everything) but he said it'll do me good to leave the Kingdom and explore other Kingdoms in the area. I have to traverse a horrible forest with animals in it. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to get some exotic avian flu.

Despite being allowed to take my favourite pony (Daddy says if I find a suitor I must start referring to Mr. Clompy as a stallion), I'm not allowed to bring any of my closet closest friends, so after waving Fernando a prolonged and awkward goodbye, I set off for the forest.

I'm now dreading my first night's sleep in the forest surrounded by all sorts of scuttling beasts of burden.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

Well I was not expecting that. . . . Snow could be in for a shock or two