Candleroller: Part 11

Dear Far Far Away,

My girls tried on their dresses today and they look divine! Drizella is going top-to-toe in flamingo pink while Anastasia has a beautiful yellow number that gives her a very canary-like appearance. As a lady myself, I've decided to accompany them, just in case the prince is into older, wiser birds.

Like my girls, I've also decided against glass slippers because they simply don't go with my outfit. I feel they'd be too reflective, and I don't want my feet attracting attention while my cleavage is trying to do all the work.

To ensure that Candleroller doesn't cling on and ruin our big day, I've hatched a plan. Having seen what can happen with over complicated plans in the past (some legal anomaly after her father died in 'mysterious' circumstances meant I didn't get the inheritance), I've decided to stick to a simple one. Push her into the cellar and lock the door after her. I'll release her when we're done entertaining the Prince and if she's well behaved we'll even let her live with us in the palace as one of the cleaning staff.

I've checked her bank account to ensure that she's not paying for anyone that can rescue her and, other than spending an exceptional amount on branded washing up liquid, she seems clean.

Ha! Clean! I'm on form today.



1 comment:

Rob Z Tobor said...

The plan sounds fool proof to me. My only worry is the two girls dresses, one pink and one yellow. My advice is dont let them stand next to each other they are going to clash badly.

And you may regret not wearing those glass slippers, princes love a glass slipper.