Candleroller: Part 12

Dear Far Far Away,

Having left the beautiful, relaxing and warm deck of Santa Wishoria, I paid my first visit to Cinderella tonight in the cold, damp basement that she calls home. Now that's dedication.

She was sleeping heavily, which was surprising enough considering there were mice scuttling around her feet weaving around the numerous knitting needles that she'd mentioned in her letter. I gathered up the rodents and gave them a pep talk, explaining the difference between a running stitch and a slip stitch.

Next, I turned my attention to her second postscript. Finding vegetables for a carriage wasn't difficult, it was just that certain vegetables don't lend themselves to the perfect carriage shape. Baked beans, for example, end up being very messy, and I wasn't even sure tomatoes counted. Finally I found a whole heap of discarded pumpkins.

Naturally, it was never going to be as easy as that though. Cinderella couldn't well lop out the innards of a pumpkin and sit in it like a candle on Hallowe'en. There had to be a spell. After a few unmentionable accidents when trying out "Avada Kedavra", I settled on the simple "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".

Now I need to convince Cinderella that I knew what I was doing all along. Yes, a little musical number ought to do the trick.

To the tavern!


Fairy Godmother.

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Susan Kane said...

I think it is time for Cinderella to have different means of transport. I would suggest a red Mustang. Make it from a tomato, and see how that goes.
The female gnome next door