Candleroller: Part 6

Dear Far Far Away,

You'll never guess who we just received a letter from? The Prince! An upstanding and morally sound gentleman like his Highness took the time to bless our humble letterbox with his handwritten prose. I went straight to the thesaurus to swot up on how to speak proper.

I must admit though I made a bit of a mistake, when I read the first line of the letter, I shrieked for Candleroller, as I thought it was a good way to finally rid my house of her presence.

Turns out, we might be able to abandon her. I let her stay on to listen while I read Anastasia and Drizella the letter just so I could see her perfectly cute little face drop when she'd realise that she wasn't invited. Of course, she tried to persuade me that it was to all “Women”, but she's a pathetic specimen who isn't worthy of a Prince, so I put her back to work and docked her wages (or would have, if she got paid) for insolence.

Now I must go and ready my newly hired butler.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

I have noticed a glut of Pumpkins this year. Surely someone will be able to come up with a good practical use for them, there is only so much pumpkin pie and soup a chap can eat.

You know what I have some old pram wheels in the shed, I have just had this cunning idea.