Candleroller: Part 7

Dear Far Far Away,

I moved to this Kingdom because ragamuffins were setting fire to my chickens where I used to live. Murders of dentists were starting to become frequent and I came here for some oral hygiene.

I wasn't sure what sort of job to undertake on arrival, so I continued in my area of expertise and bought a whole load of chickens ready for market. Then, just after I spent the morning setting up my stall, a spate of chicken robberies took place around this Kingdom.

Well, sod this for a laugh, I thought. I'm going to get a job as a butler for some high class family. By happy coincidence a woman ran by screaming how the bird was the word and I thought to myself that this is a woman who is clued up about current affairs. I immediately sought employment.

Turns out, this woman is a moron. My first job was to find a carriage that looks like a vegetable. Yes, that's correct, a vegetable. Even more bizarrely, I went into town expecting to find nothing, but it appears that some wily businessman had set up his vegetable carriage selling shop only a few hours previously. I wandered into “Vegswagon” and bought a parsnip-based transport called the “Parssat”.

This place is just weird. The sooner I can find a new Kingdom with free dental check-ups, I'm off.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

Just wait till you have to find some horses to pull it.