Candleroller: Part 8

Dear Far Far Away,

My stepmother has royally irritated me (no pun intended). She said I'm not allowed to attend this Prince's disco, despite me clearly being a woman (at least, last time I checked). She even docked my wages, which was a little pointless because I'm not paid anyway.

Well, I'll show her. Little does she know that I have imaginary friends who can help me in my time of plight. That's right. I'll just conjure up my Fairy Godmother who will grant my every wish.

Now, I know you're wondering why didn't I just ask my Fairy Godmother to whisk me away from this cellar that I've been living in – and you'd have a good reason to ask, because I've only just thought this myself. Anyway, I'm not a vengeful person so it wouldn't be right if I didn't use my Fairy Godmother to retaliate against my overbearing stepmother.

Actually, while I'm on the subject, I'm hoping there's something that she can do about these rodents that live here with me in the cellar. They keep gesturing at me with almost human tenancies, but since when has a person been able to understand what a rodent is thinking? The only thing those rats are good for is testing my cosmetics on. I also tried to teach them to sew but they just keep impaling themselves with the needles.

With luck, Fairy Godmother will be able to turn them into something useful, like a footman or something. After their incessant nibbling I need a good pedicure.



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