Candleroller: Part 14

Dear Far Far Away,

Why must I do everything myself? That blithering Fairy Godmother of mine turned up on the doorstep of my cellar last night as inebriated as a koala accompanied by an equally drunk horse. No, I have no idea where she found it.

When I found her, she was waving a stick at a pumpkin and singing “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. I haven't seen this level of stupidity since I agreed to Father's request to live in the cellar on no pay and minimal rations.

Anyway, I steadied my Fairy Godmother and sat her down. The horse attempted to follow suit, but just ended up tottering around, making a lot of noise and squashing all of the pumpkins. On that note, I think I'll call him Mr. Clompy.

I ran down to Vegswagon and picked me up a huge deal! They had a discount package deal called Pimp My Pumpkin, so I managed to get my carriage lowered and a pretty neat sound system installed. It doesn't need pulling by any horses, but seeing as Mr. Clompy is looking for somewhere to sober up I've decided to tie him to the front and have the carriage push him along on wheels.

On the way out, I nipped into DraySarj and picked me up another bargain on a beautiful sequinned number with free glass shoes! No idea how on earth I'm expected to walk in glass skates, but they're beautiful.

On my return, I found that Fairy Godmother was screaming obscenities at a ragged gown, questioning where all the sewing lesson money had been spent. Turns out that Jerry, Minnie and Mickey had spent it on becoming international superstars.



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