Candleroller: Part 15

Dear Far Far Away,

Just a quick note to say that this disco has been a stunning success. Daddy is drowning his sorrows and complaining about the “useless sun”. I agree, it hasn't been overly warm recently, and was thinking about writing a letter of complaint.

That said, I did find two women with amazing tans. They seem to be very keen to talk to me so I'm just trying to find out which tropical island they went to so I can get some holiday tips when I take Fernando away next year.

The disco is in full swing, so I'll just say one other thing. This woman came to my party in a white dress. Clearly no good for a cleaner, I thought, so I initially ignored her. Then I spotted her horse which looked like Mr. Clompy! I was going to chase her down, but then noticed that the horse's feet weren't moving, and I remember from all the time on the cliffs that Mr. Clompy was never any good at flying.




Susan Kane said...

Wow. You did not make out well, did you? Never follow a white horse, dontcha know.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I like the way Prince thinks. He is not one of these regular rubbish princes who are all smiles and heroic acts of chivalry.