Candleroller: Part 16

Dear Far Far Away,

Disaster! Me and Driz were practically in bed with the Prince when we both needed a piss. When we came back, we found him talking to none other than that cow we keep in the basement! How did she get in anyway?! Mum left a drunken woman with her to keep her hands full all evening.

Anyway, next thing is she runs away and me and Driz looked at each other knowing we were totally in there. With Mum in hot pursuit, we daintily waddled towards our destiny.

We followed him out of the castle and into the cool winter air (not a moment too soon; any more walking and sweat would have been coming from every crevice). He was pondering over this glass skate and crying over someone called Mr. Clompy.

Well, we figured - although we disputed the roles – we could be his shoulder to cry on, his rock in this moment of need, or his dominatrix in the bedroom. He somehow eluded our irresistible charms and literally batted us off, blubbing his way into the castle and calling for Daddy.

Mum told us we could do better than living life with a Prince who is so far out of the closet you can see he irons his underwear. Still, no harm in heading home and hoping for the best.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

Well it is certainly a fairy tale full of twists and turns thats for sure. . . . Lets hope it all ends in a wedding a lots of happy folk waving flags.