Candleroller: Part 17

Dear Far Far Away,

I think my duties to Cinderella have been expertly carried out. She made it to the ball, and I even managed to warn her to be back by midnight like any caring guardian should. Being a good girl, she was back on time, although she wasn't grateful enough to thank me for my hard work.

Now I've overseen her safe return, I've decided to retire. I've had a hard life, cruising over the seven seas, watching mermaids swim past and fending off the odd kraken with my enchanted stick.

I'm taking Mr. Clompy with me as he seems like a fun-loving equine. Together we've decided to spend a while hitting up the red light district on our eternal search for a bar to lean on, and later we might settle down into a little cottage in the woods where no-one can possibly disturb us.


Fairy Godmother.

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Rob Z Tobor said...

I'm so pleased it looks like a happy ending for Mr Clompy, I feel life has not always been easy for him. I have heard rumour that there is a good deal going on a gingerbread house due to a problem with a fox and a hoodie.