Trio of Tiny Swines: Part 2

Dear Far Far Away,

Yesterday morning I was sat in my city apartment drinking champagne from my crystal flute while counting my money. Alas, I still couldn't afford that brand new Aston Lupine. As a result, I brought in my lawyer so we could figure out who to screw some more money out of next. After casting aside countless landlords, tenants and prospective sellers, I found the perfect mark – a defaulted payment.

I glanced over the contract and found that it belonged to three little pigs that had come to me desperate for money. Despite my muted claims that they'd have far better interest rates at a bank, they had each mortgaged their ramshackle properties for a ludicrously small amount of money so that their friend had enough money to buy his dream.

My lawyer suggested that it wouldn't be ethical to demand money so soon after setting up the dodgy contract. I explained to him that the greedy little pigs shouldn't be enjoying my money while they were in my debt, but still he persisted on disagreeing.

Naturally, I huffed and I puffed and I sent him packing. What does he think I employ him for?


Reginald D. Wolf, Esq.

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