Trio of Tiny Swines: Part 3

Dear Far Far Away,

It was a bit of an emotional day today at the funeral of our dear friend Bacon. The procession went through the town, from Pork's straw hut, past my log cabin on the lake to the church just next to Ham's two-up, two-down terraced town house.

The service was beautiful and during our preprepared speeches we all let out our hearts just as the Huntsman had done to Bacon. His coffin lay at the front of the church, covering the ignominy of his mutilated body inside.

When the funeral ended, we all wished him a happy journey into the afterlife before heading off to his wake. This was all paid for in Bacon's will, which was just lovely of the thoughtful swine. The village hall and small disco were only trumped by the amazing spread topped off with a hog roast.




Rob Z Tobor said...

Everyone likes a hog roast although I am a little surprised.

jagbir said...

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