The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 18

Dear Far Far Away,

Something amazing happened. There I was traversing the forest, when I happened upon a clearing filled with market stalls. There was even a ramshackle ale house where I figured it would be wise to grab a quick pink champagne and let Mr. Clompy take on fluid.

So, I was sat in the public house drinking my pint (every drink came in pints – what sort of establishment was this?), when I looked out of the window to see a fine figure of a woman outside of the window. Immediately, I thought this woman would be ideal to do my cooking and cleaning – if she was any good I'd take her as my wife.

She was carrying a basket of apples and was obviously running an errand for some lucky bloke so I thought that I would follow her to her master's house. She led me to a tiny house while I trailed behind on the not-so-stealthy-but-now-fully-refreshed Mr. Clompy.

I set up camp in the forest just out of view of the house, and have seen at least seven little men coming and going throughout the day. I'm starting to think she is a bit of a harlot, but seeing as I'm also shallow and easily pleased, I figured I ought to give this woman a chance. She seems just my type.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

I feel Prince is not the man I always thought he was, it just goes to show how history can alter things.