The Apple Princess and the Septet of Tiny People: Part 19

Dear Far Far Away,

As always, Huntsman was useless. He led us through the forest without a clue where he was going, before eventually settling on some run-down old tavern to settle down for a drink. He even used the opportunity to go and brush his teeth.

While he was in the toilet, however, I saw her! She walked right past the window carrying an empty basket. I quickly slipped on my casual old ladies' clothes and sprinted out the door. I found the nearest fruit seller and bought all of their stock in the vague hope that Snow would be looking for apples.

When Snow came across the stall, she met no-one but a lonely, frail old lady selling her apples. I sold her a dozen and placed a special free one on top (cunningly laced with poison), hoping that she would eat it there and then. She did not, and my foolproof plan had all gone wrong.

She toddled off back into the forest so I had to quickly grab Huntsman (now minty fresh) and follow behind. There was also this strange man on a really loud and possibly drunk horse who seemed to have his own agenda for following her. We steered well clear.

We set up camp for the night behind the house to further study Snow's movements.



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Rob Z Tobor said...

The plot thickens, but I have a feeling that Snow is going to end up eating the dodgy apple . . .

I might be wrong but instinct tells me the dwarfs are not really fruit eaters, so that kind of just leaves Snow.