Fragile Eggman: Part 2

Dear Far Far Away,

The strangest thing happened today. There I was, sat on the wall of the Kingdom, minding my own business when a fugitive showed up wearing the most bizarre jailbird clothing.

As she stood there, panting and sweating from every pore, I thought to myself that this is a woman who might just be desperate enough to become my wife. If only my hard-boiled mother could see me now!

A quick cup of tea later and she relaxed a bit, revealing that she is being chased by poachers, or something like that. She seemed overjoyed when I offered her a place to rest her head, but only on the condition that I can stop the evil men from chasing her.

Simple enough, I figure. Give them some cock and bull story about how I saw her flee in the opposite direction and it should scramble them for long enough so that I can sneak the woman away to my grotto.

Wish me luck!



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Rob Z Tobor said...

I have to say some of the twists and turns behind the scenes of what I thought simple tales are a real surprise.